A presentation of our magnanimous Iranian heritage

جهانیان را با فرهنگ ایران آشنا می‌کنیم

This 5-ton marble statue, which is 10 times the original size, provides insight into that the Iranian people have always respected freedom as represented by the decree of Cyrus The Great. Freedom of religion, freedom of clothing, and freedom of women which is not respected in Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This statue is a gift from Iranians abroad to the people of Tajikistan because Tajikistan is the only country guarding the Iranian culture and resisting fanatism and extremism. This statue is a symbol of the unity of the Iranian people regardless of the present political borders.

This replica of Cyrus Cylinder was installed in the middle of Kourosh Kabir Park in Dushanbe on May 30 th . 2022 and it is covered until its inauguration. Tajikistan's authorities will unveil it during 2023.

The erected statue 


سوای پشتیبانان مالی این کار ملی میهنی که نامشان در زیر تندیس کنده شده است ، شماری از میهن دوستان بزرگمنش دیگر نیز در  راه پیروزی این کار کمک کرده ا‌ند .

یاری دهندگان ، ایرانیان ساکن ایران ، دانمارک ، نروژ ، سوئیس ، فرانسه ، آمریکا ، تاجیکستان  و دبی از جمله 

بانو شهین داورنیا ، بانو مینا روستا ، بانو مهین سلطانی ، شادروان مهندس منوچهر روستا ، دکتر تقی آل رضا ،

دکتر سیاوش عبقری ، کدبان بهرام کندری ، مهندس رامین گلبانگ ، کی پرویز ورجاوند ، مهندس شهریار مکارچی ، کیا پرویز مطلق ، مهندس کورش آریابان و پرفسور مسعود میرشاهی هستند که با کمک‌ های نقدی، ویرایش نوشتار ها ، کسب پروانه برپأیی، مهرازی تندیس  و دگرکوشش ها ، در راه انجام این کار مهند ، کانون فرهنگ پارسی را یاری داده ا‌ند .

ما از تک تک این بزرگواران سپاسمندیم 


Material & Size

This statue is made from natural beige marble, with a white marble base. The script is engraved, then sprayed with permanent gold paint. The pedestal is made locally by the host.

Netto Weight: 4800 Kgr.


Dimensions of the pedestal in cm made by concrete and covered by granite stones: 

240 L (front) x 140 W x 60 H

The dimensions of the foundation in the ground:

270 x 170 x 75 Depth in cm. 

The granite stone has 8 holes  for the connecting rods and industrial epoxy to sit in   


The statue is delivered in 2 wooden packages with a total weight of 4,9 tons and a volume of 4.55 CBM.

The size of the package of the base is 195 x 105 x 105 cm weighing around 2350  Kgs. Before landing the base on the pedestal, the hole in the middle of the surface of the pedestal ie 180  x 80  cm must be bored with around 2 cm diameter where 20 cm long galvanized steel rods of type one covered with industrial epoxy will be installed. Then the holes in the bottom of the base is also covered with epoxy and then the base shall sit on the platform.

The size of the package of the cylinder is 240 x 105 x 105 cm weighing around 2550 Kgs. Before placing the cylinder on the base, the 2 holes under the cylinder, as well as the 2 steel rods of the base, must be covered with epoxy so the cylinder and the base can glue to each other. 

After the installations are finished, a nice piece of large cloth made of silk or satin with a long enough rope connected to it must cover the statue until the unveiling ceremony.  If it is the rainy season, it is best to cover the statue with plastic glued to the pedestal until the unveiling day.   

The script on the base

The script is written in Persian both in Farsi alphabet as well as Cyrillic. The English translation is below


Cyrus the Great's Cylinder

The first charter of Human Rights,  539 BCE.
Gifted by Iranian expatriates to the people of Tajikistan
اعلامیه حقوق بشر کورش بزرگ در سال ۵۳۹ پیشازایش 

ارمغانی از سوی ایرانیان برون مرز به مردم تاجیکستان


This is the first declaration of human rights,

Cyrus the Great magnanimously entered Babylon,

sparing the pre-eminent city and its people.

His declaration allowed subjugated and enslaved people

to return to their homelands and restored their sanctuaries.

“I have enabled all the lands to live in peace.“


The Persian king, Cyrus the Great, ended slavery,

established freedom of religion, and promoted racial equality.

His leadership led to major advances for humanity and

set the standard for free and equitable societies.

Cyrus bestowed a heritage of human understanding,

tolerance, compassion, and liberty to the world.


This replica is 10 times the original size.

Organized by The Persian Cultural Society 

Donated by:  

دانیل دانا ، امیر رئوفی ، خاندان ظفری : پرویز ، ابرمرد مازیار ، زال ، رستم ، سام و سهراب

*Пеш: *

Устувонаи Куруши Бузург

Ин аввалин маншури ҳуқуқи башар аст, ки дар соли 539 пеш аз милод навишта шудааст

Армуғоне аз сӯи эрониёни бурунмарзӣ ба мардуми Тоҷикистон

اعلامیه حقوق بشر کورش بزرگ در سال ۵۳۹ پیشازایش 

ارمغانی از سوی ایرانیان برون مرز به مردم تاجیکستان


Ин тандис 10 баробар бузургтар аз нусхаи аслӣ аст.

Фароҳамоварӣ:   Конуни Фарҳанги Порсӣ

این تندیس ۱۰ برابر بزرگتر از نسخه اصلی است

فراهم آوری:   کانون فرهنگ پارسی

  پشتیبانان : دانیل دانا ، امیر رئوفی ، خاندان ظفری : پرویز ، ابرمرد مازیار ، زال ، رستم ، سام و سهراب

*Тарафи чап: *

شاهنشاه ایران زمیـن، کورش  بزرگ ، به

 بردگـی پایان داد . او آدمی گری و آزادی

دین و آییــن را پیشــکش نمـود

پادشـاهی او نمـونه ای شد برای جهـان

*Тарафи роcт: *

Шоҳаншоҳи Эронзамин, Куруши Бузург

 Ба бардагӣ поён дод. Ӯ одамигарӣ ва

озодии дину ойинро пешкаш намуд.

Подшоҳии ӯ намунае шуд барои ҷаҳон.